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Drilled Wells for Normal Household Use

Approximately 95% of all wells drilled produce adequate water for normal household use, and these wells vary in depth. Due to various rock formations, some wells may contain mineral content which may be bothersome. Therefore, these wells require a water analysis to determine if filtration is needed to correct the problem. Our company will be glad to assist you in the handling of the water analysis.


Drilled Wells for Commercial or Industrial Use

We recommend a geological survey of the sites where customers need a high-yielding well. Geological surveys have the capability to locate water-bearing fractures or openings in the rock (aquifers).


Hydrofracturing for Wells

Hydrofracturing is used to increase water flow in low-yielding wells. The process involves the following steps:

1) Inserting a camera down the well;

2) Inspecting for cracks in the rock;

3) Setting a packer above and below the crack or fracture; and

4) Applying hydraulic pressure up to 3,000 pounds per square inch (psi) using water for the fluid.

This procedure yields a 95% success rate and helps to retrieve more water.


Vertical Fracture

Vertical Fracture

Horizontal Fracture

Horizontal Fracture

Groundwater can be found in rock fractures that are either horizontal or vertical. The first image is a horizontal fracture in limestone, and the second is of metamorphic rock.


Landscaping Water Well Covers

Along with our traditional well cover, we offer a variety of landscaping well cover. These are well covers designed to look like rock, thereby enhancing the beauty of your yard. These come in various colors and shapes. Please contact our sales representative for more information.


Examples of Water Well Covers