A private drilled well system is an investment and adds value to your property. A good clean water supply, whether it be for irrigation purposes or to supply your household water needs, it is important to you, not only at present, but as an added bonus to any future buyers. Also, county and statewide water restrictions do not apply to private water systems.


Well Drilling

Residential drilled wells are typically 6″ in diameter and constructed using PVC or steel casing. Casing is placed in the drill hole to hold the hole open to the point that bedrock is reached and drilling in granite rock actually begins. Casing also helps protect the aquifer and the well from contamination. Drilled wells are not affected by seasonal water level fluctuations.


Well Boring

A 30″ bored well is constructed where lower yielding groundwater sources are found closer to the surface and are constructed using a machine with a bucket auger. Bored wells will supply sufficient water to a single family household for normal daily activities. Bored wells are not suitable for irrigation purposes.


Filter and Pump Sales and Services

We offer a variety of brand name submersible and jet pumps including Grundfos, Jacuzzi and Myers. Our service crew is highly trained with a knowledge of proper pump system sizing and installation. We offer sales and installation on new well pump systems as well as repair and maintenance on existing systems.